Margaret Lillian DeVinny

Margaret was born November 7, 1930 in Texas. One of eight children of Mary Ione “Shoestring” Sustala and John Sustala. She married Paul DeVinny in Waco, Texas, and then moved to Kansas City as a young woman.

Margaret loved her four children and two stepchildren. Margaret was a dedicated hard worker for years as a telephone operator. She frequently made her work family her native Czechoslovakian koloches.

Given Margaret’s love for her children she also ran an in-home daycare for decades. One special child named Kimberly was placed on her doorstep in the middle of the night and lived in Margaret’s home for several years.

Later in life she cared for others in nursing homes, playing games, talking and befriending anyone that needed it. Margaret never did much for herself however, her passion was playing darts. She was so good in fact, she won many competitions and was well known in the Kansas City area.

As time would have it, she went from caring for people to being taken care of. Her granddaughter, Tina Hill, lovingly tended to her every need, from day-to-day to medical attention to eventually a nursing home. And on May 7, 2017 Tina and the family said goodbye as Margaret left this world for a better one. One where she is walking, laughing, holding babies and challenging Jesus to a game of darts.

Margaret is survived by her four children, Carol Ann, Dion, Vanessa and Vandene, along with one stepchild, Jeanine, eight grandchildren and several great grandchildren.

We love you and miss you Margaret Lillian Sustala DeVinny.

Our Sincere Condolences

Thank you for your love. Rest in peace.

I was thinking a lot of Margaret as the holiday season always brings around those thoughts and wish that I had known how to get a hold of her before she passed. Hopefully she knows how much she meant to me and my kids.
God bless all of her family as the holidays approach.
Christine Harris