Zachary Steven Hunter

Zachary Steven Hunter, 35, of Excelsior Springs, Mo., passed away February 29, 2020 at Liberty Hospital from a broken heart.

Zachary was born November 21, 1984 at North Kansas City Hospital.  Thank you, Abba Father, for sending Jesus your only son to die to redeem my son Zachery Steven Hunter.  You in your wisdom saw his days of distress and turmoil, his pain, loss and deep darkness that only you could heal.  Zach loved so deeply, and his heart was broken by pain only known by a man alienated from his son.  Many mistakes, falls and challenges on every side, life of distress, turmoil and pain seeking relief from the world which has none, stumbling back to your throne.

Precious Jesus, merciful savior. Please let his life glorify your mercy and bring in your hurting, weary children to know Jesus paid it all. Make peace with Jesus, Zach did. To each of his friends and his family, those he loved Zach would now want you to know.  In this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer!  Jesus the lamb of God has overcame the world!  Just come to him make peace with him and believe and as he would say then and so now.  I love you dad…mom…I love you bro…love you….We love you Zach soon we will be with you again, rest now at the throne of our king.

Zachary is survived by his precious sons, Steven Arnold Hunter, age 5, and Nathaniel Lee Hunter, 10 months, and their mothers; his father and mother, Steve and Shirley Hunter; brother, Nathaniel; paternal grandmother, Lela Essary Hunter; paternal uncles, Oscar, Don, and Matt; paternal cousins, William, Josh, Trisha, Bessie, Carrisa, Jake, and Joe; maternal uncles, Art, Terry and Mark Borchert; maternal aunt and uncle, Pam and Jack Crigan ; maternal cousins, Patricia, Amber, Arthur Jr., Rachel, Rebbecca, John, Trista, Shelby, Dustin, Jayla, Travis and Shanda.

He was preceded in death by his Pa Pa, Oscar Arnold Hunter, and maternal grandma, Helen Borchert.

The family wishes to express their eternal gratitude for all prayers and comfort at this time of our mourning. Please continue to pray for us. But know our rock is a sure foundation! A precious cornerstone!

His Visitation will be held Thursday, March 5, 2020 from 9 to 10 a.m. at Bross and Spidle Funeral Home, Excelsior Springs, Mo., with service following. Burial will be at Pisgah Cemetery, Excelsior Springs, Mo. Services will be ministered by Pastor Forrest Eugene Schreier.  Pallbearers are Rick Rhodus Sr., Berkley Spivey, Jerry Taylor, Andrew Wells, Chase Whitworth and Beverly McCormick.

Our Sincere Condolences

I wanna say I’m so sorry for the loss of Zach. Send positive thoughts and prayers to his sons his girlfriend Beverly Mccormack shes my best friend his family and friends he was a great dad to his children and his girlfriend Beverly’s other child Zed. He treated Zed like he was his own and I’m very thankful for him treating him like his own most people wouldnt do that, Zed looked up to Zach Hunter. To his lover I’m so sorry girl you can do this it will be hard and im here no matter what you need call at 2am or 2PM call at whatever time to talk vent or cry I’ll be there I know Zach wouldnt want you to cry or be upset or sad he would want you to be happy that’s what he would want for you and them beautiful boys. To Zach’s family I know you are hurting from losing one of your kids I’ve been there before not as long as you had zach but I’ve been there it will get easier over time but I’d be lying if I said it didnt hurt well it hurts so bad to lose you child I did it twice even though they was just born and didnt live life only in my belly for 9 months and 6 months what I’m trying to say is it’s hard prayers to you all. To Zach’s friends just keep on being there for Beverly her boys and Zach’s family they are mourning and may not need your right this second but believe they will in time just keep on being there for them holding and hugging them always say your prayers. As for me I’m saying my prayers are sending my thoughts are with you and sending love and hugging yall from a far it will get easier soon but it will take years it’s hard and tough right now but dont stop praying just keep thanking the lord for everything till you see Zach again he will be waiting in heaven with open arms for you guys. Rest easy Zach I’ll keep a watch over Beverly and the boys for you. We may not of got along but I promise you I’ll make sure they are okay and I’ll be there for Beverly and Zed and Nathaniel. Till she can be with you again in heaven and the boys Rest easy Man!
Ashley Watt