Lexie Renee Farris

Lexie Renee Farris of Platte City, MO, passed away on Friday, April 24, 2020, due to a fatal car accident. She was born on November 17, 2000 to Melissa Farris in Independence, MO.

She leaves behind her mother, Melissa Farris, age 42; sisters, Gracie and Aubrie Farris, age 17; and her niece, Everlee Renee, age 1.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

Our Sincere Condolences

Lexi was amazing and beautiful person. We was pretty good friends in middle school but grew apart. I’m so sorry she passed. I didn’t want to believe it when I heard about it. I’m here for y’all. Stay strong.
Dusty Loyd

I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Lexie, but I have been blessed by knowing her mom Melissa for many (many) years. We became very close friends in high school & spent every day together – some of the best days of my life. So knowing how amazing Melissa is, I’m sure Lexie was too. Saying I’m sorry doesn’t begin to express the sadness I feel for your family. Thankfully, you guys have each other to help get thru this but just in case you need someone else please don’t hesitate to call me. Anytime for any reason.
Mercedes (Ginny) James

I went to school with Lexi and never really talked to her. I said hi to her a few times but I always saw¬† her in the hallways and saw how happy she was. Seeing her at school she made a lot of people happy and her smile was contagious. I wish I had talked to her more and got to know her. I’m sorry for y’all’s loss.
Abigail Stamey

Dear Lexie,
It’s unfortunately a year since you’ve passed, and every waking day I think about you. Even though we didn’t know each other for a long time, we became great friends. I remember meeting you for the first time, you were shy and wanted to come back to Sonic… just because of the ice cream. You supported me through my hardest and darkest moments in my life, and I wish I did the same for you. It’s something that brings a lot of regret and sorrow into my life. I pray that you are resting peacefully, and know that you are loved and missed.
When I heard of your death, it was so painful to hear. It reminded me of all the stories of your life you told, I aspired to be as confident and brave as you. I wish I came to visit you at work when you asked me to… I wish I got to talk to you one more time, and hear one more story.
My favorite memory of you is when I came to visit you at work, and when I walked in you rushed towards me with Isaiah and Faith. We all had a great group hug, and I wish I could rewind time one more time and relive that moment of happiness. I wish I could just say that I’m always here for you, and I wish I did something.
With love, Carli Carrel
Please rest well, and know you are missed and loved.